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BENJI™ is an intelligent technology powered by the ultimate personal information – DNA. Initially manifested in 2011 as short story accompanied with corporate graphic design fiction, this new manifestation highlights the ramifications of ever-increasing personalised technology while satirically adopting the commercial visual language and narrative structure of tech start-ups.

BENJI™ explores bio-information as a commodity and consequently envisions the prospects of genetic discrimination and the increasing personalisation of marketing strategies. Named after the child of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.com and Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andme.com (a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company), Benji represents the ideological and economic union as historically practiced in royal political marriages and commonly witnessed in corporate mergers.

- www.yourbenji.com
- http://amysuowu.net/content/benji
- http://isea2011.sabanciuniv.edu/paper/benji-brief-history-man-who-brought-intelligence-search-our-dna

Mihail Bakalov, Judith van der Made, Amy Suo Wu