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17-23. Dec 2015

+ space open to the public for designing masks

Public talk on radical identities

21. dec 19h, G12HUB

Vladimir Radunović- Diplo fondacija, Milica Gudović – Women at work, Kristijan Lukić- Napon institut


The show was open from 17-23rd of Dec in G12HUB gallery, with one wall space designated for showcasing digital identity masks received through an open call, as well as created during BeFem festival 2015. In front of the wall space was a designated participatory working area for identity creation, open for visitors. Additionally, the exhibition featured a film program which functioned as a mini cinema, showing one film per day (the whole day continuously).


Screening Schedule

Every day a new screening

17.12. Worldbrain

World Brain film image


18.12. Digital amnesia


19.12. BBC documentary The New Battle of the Sexes


The Story of Technoviking - Trailer from Matthias Fritsch on Vimeo.


21.12. The Internet's Own Boy


22.12. Citizenfour and Public talk by Edward Snowden