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Dictionary of Online Behavior

Postponline, verb Postpone online “obligations” such as replying to messages, writing e-mails, editing profiles, congratulating birthdays, promoting work on social networks and similar. “Sorry for getting back to you so late, I was postponlining the last few days” Thrillification, noun Thrill about getting notifications. “I like to login to my profiles first thing in the morning, the thrillification wakes me up quickly” While communicating online people find themselves in entirely different situations and judge the behaviour of others by completely new parameters. The online condition asks for a new sign language and intuition we need to adopt in order to read and analyze internet-based communication. This project investigates and defines behaviors that are equivalent to body language in offline communication. Building on by now popular terms such as “cyberbullying” and “selfie”, Dictionary of Online Behavior is an inventory of social norms, habits and modes of expression that have emerged online. The dictionary offers essential tools to decode and to partake in the ongoing evolution of human behavior in the digital social sphere. Dictionary of Online Behavior is a project established in 2014 at Sandberg Instituut (Gerrit Rietveld Academy) and built in online space on www.dictionaryofonlinebehavior.com web address. As the social networks keep expanding, the project is updated with the newest terms.

Sofija Stanković and Teodora Stojković